2012 Bellarmine University Designers’ Home Showcase House

K-I would like to thank local builder Bill Wilkinson of Wilkinson Builders for allowing K-I to team-up with him this year on the 2012 Bellarmine University Designers’ Home Showcase House.  You can visit our Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/lumber32to see some amazing photographs of the home.  The home was a remodel that K-I supplied a vast amount of material for.  Fred Heucker and Lee Brunerworked many hours with builder

Lee Bruner show off an interior door supplied by K-I

Bill Wilkinson to ensure that material was crafted with the utmost detail and delivered and installed in a timely fashion for the opening of the show to the public.  K-I is a family owned  company, but our family extends to our employees and builders within the communities that we service.  K-I develops long lasting relationships that gives our employees and our builders a peace of mind to know that we care, we care about everything that is happening and we will always try our best to be there and help out in anyway possible.  The Wilkinson house that K-I supplied material for turned out to be a stunning example of what can come together when people work together.  Check out our pictures on Facebook and as our saying goes: “We Want To Make Your Dreams a Reality, So If You Can Dream It, WE CAN MAKE IT.”  Thanks to ALL of our Business Partners: our LOYAL BUILDERS, REMODELERS, HOMEOWNERS, SUPPLIERS AND EMPLOYEES for working together with K-I to move forward in the future!!!

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