Designing The Perfect Kitchen Takes A Kitchen Designer Who Really Knows the Industry.

Two days after initial install began on kitchen for MRC Construction home.

If you are in the market to remodel an existing kitchen or bathroom in your home, or if you are building a brand new home from studs to finish trim, finding a kitchen and bath designer with experience in cabinetry design and layout  is very important, but that designer also needs to have a keen insight into how the actual construction supply industry as a whole actually works. Finding a well rounded designer who will be with you throughout the entire process is critical to ensure that the project moves seamlessly from the initial design work all the way through to the final installation.

Kitchen design involves an entire set of skills the are both taught and learned by experience over time.  A good designer should always design a functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen.  This requires many hours working with the homeowner to come up with a mutually agreeable design that meets the needs of the homeowner, and is to code with industry standards for design,

In addition to some of the basics mentioned above, a kitchen designer must have a strong working knowledge of everything else going on in the construction/remodel process at the same time. For example, a designer can design a beautiful kitchen, but they must always communicate with the plumbers and electricians first hand about the specific design and where things will be located. This kind of communication prevents many problems that can arise in the construction process along the way.  A superior designer is not only an artistic person, but is also someone who has great communication skills, and is meticulous and methodical with a superior attention to detail.

When you are deciding who to work with on design work for a kitchen or bath project it is very important that you talk to them first to get a feel for just how much real life industry experience they actually have.  In addition, use your instincts about that person.  For example, say you have met with the designer several times and like the design they have worked up for you, but they will not return your phone calls in a timely manner.  That should serve as a warning flag that that individual may not have some of the basic skills necessary to follow-up and complete the job from start of finish.

At K-I we want you to have a memorable and well thought out experience.  We have several talented and knowledgeable designers that can work with you during every facet of your project.  Come in and meet with one of our experienced  design team member to make your kitchen and bath project become the reality you have always dreamed of.  We promise to partner with you from beginning to end until you are 100% satisfied.

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